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Oahu Event Childcare LLC

Professional On-site Event Childcare

Oahu Event Childcare LLC provides professional, on-site childcare with first rate sitters and personalized solutions for any social event.


When you are planning a wedding, anniversary party, corporate event or special event, you want to do everything possible to make it perfect, and we are here to help!


Our Story

  • We customize our service to meet your needs

  • We provide all the toys, games or crafts to support planned activities

  • We create a playful, safe, stimulating experience for children of all ages

  • Let us worry about the kids so you and the adult guests don’t have to!


Why on-site childcare at your wedding / event?

  • Allow parents (and guests) to fully participate

  • Enable guests to focus on the occasion knowing their children are being cared for

  • Provide an uninterrupted, pleasant adult celebration (and same for the children!)

Our event services can include:

  • Check-in/check-out forms

  • Name tags and secure registration

  • Liability Waivers

  • Text message updates to parents during the event

  • Diaper changing station - parents need to provide diapers, wipes, and rash cream

  • Planned activities for all ages of children such as:

    • Creative Play: Arts & Crafts - face painting, coloring station, cupcake decorating

    • Imaginative Play: Skits, Plays, Dancing, Dress Up

    • Board Games and Toys - balloons, balls, bubbles, piñata 

    • Team Challenges

We can offer you a custom price quote - go to Contacts Us page

Non-refundable booking deposit of $150.00


Travel fees may apply for requests outside of Oahu Event Childcare service area and typically range from $15-$100

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Our Sitters

All our sitters are trained, experienced, and qualified individuals who are background screened and CPR / First Aid Certified.  Our primary objective is that you have peace of mind when your children are in our care. References are available upon request. 

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JoAnna Christopher

Founder / Owner

JoAnna founded Oahu Event Childcare to provide a service that would enable  parents to experience special events with other adults without having to care for their children.  Their children would be nearby, safe and having fun with the children of other parents at the event.


JoAnna has been working with children of all ages since 2012. She has cared for infants and toddlers in daycare facilities, and she's led activities with young adolescents and early teens in summer and after-school programs. She has also been employed as a professional nanny by numerous families on the island. JoAnna obtained a bachelors degree from University of Hawaii Manoa in 2018. 

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Heather Lobdell

Keiki Coordinator

Heather has been caring for children for 10+ years and has experience with children from 6 months to teens. She is certified in pediatric CPR, AED, and first aid (renewed in February of 2019). She has worked in a preschool, intermediate school in special education and is currently working as a registered behavioral therapist (RBT) for children with autism. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Hawaii at Manoa in 2018 and has a background in early childhood education.

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Hayley Clark

Keiki Coordinator

Hayley has been working in childcare for over a decade and has experience working with children of all ages. She is also a licensed acupuncturist and doula. She has been employed as a professional nanny by numerous families on the island. Hayley is certified in child and infant CPR and infant safety. She is someone who truly puts her heart into providing the best quality care to the children and their families. 

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Trish Judd


JoAnna babysat for our 3 children (ages 9,7 and 4) while we were holidaying in Hawaii. We found JoAnna’s communication prior to the job outstanding. During the day she also kept us updated on how our girls were going and sent us photos.


Our girls felt comfortable with JoAnna and enjoyed their time being babysat by her. We found JoAnna to be very friendly, caring and accomodating. We would definitely hire her again when we next travel to Hawaii.


Claire Bresnahan


I was totally amazed at how quickly JoAnna was able to put my daughter, normally very shy and reserved around adults she doesn't know well, totally at ease.  I especially remember coming back from the first time I left my daughter with JoAnna and turning my key in the doorknob, opening the door, and immediately hearing the sound of my daughter laughing happily over a healthy dinner that JoAnna had prepared, that I would have struggled to persuade my daughter to eat. Huge relief! 


JoAnna's time working with us showed extraordinary ability to engage with children, understand their emotions and their needs, and respond with compassion, creativity, and joy.  We love her and would absolutely hire her again in the future and recommend her work to any parent seeking care for their children.  


She was so, so good at drawing my 5-year-old daughter out of her shell, and at bringing real laughter and fun into their time together.  I am incredibly impressed with her depth of knowledge at how to use motion, art, and play to engage kids and families. I am a fairly protective parent who doesn’t leave my daughter with people I can’t be sure of, so JoAnna’s presence was such a gift to our whole family during the time she worked with us.  


She is also a professional who can be relied on totally to be on time, communicate clearly and effectively, and prioritize the well-being of the children she cares for in all that she does.  I have known her to seek out professional training in order to gain skills to apply to this work, and I think the dedication she has for helping kids is exemplary, and you’d be lucky to work with her if that’s what you choose to do! 


James Sutton
Honolulu, Hawai'i

JoAnna has babysat for our children on multiple occasions (seven and eight-year-old boys).  She has always been completely professional and very responsive in her communication.  She gives you the perfect amount of communication so that you know all is well and you have peace of mind while your children are in her care.  


Our boys can be handfuls and yet there has never been an issue while JoAnna is watching them.  Best of all, she has a warm and nurturing nature that quickly puts children at ease. 


I wholeheartedly recommend JoAnna.  She’s everything you could ask for in a childcare provider.


David Chat
Honolulu, Hawai'i

JoAnna and Hayley provided on-site childcare for about 12 children at our wedding at Sunset Ranch. I heard about her via a glowing reference from one of my colleagues. Joanna offered to meet in person prior to the wedding but I opted for a Facetime meeting and found her to be super friendly and personable. 


On the day of the wedding, Joanna and Haley arrived on time, checked in with our coordinator and got to work. The parents checked in their children, put their name on a name tag, and provided the sitters with their cell phone number. Then the parents, all of whom were our closest friends and family from out of state, were free to celebrate with us. 


Throughout the reception, our guests kept mentioning how wonderful it was to have on-site childcare and how it made their night so much more relaxing. The kept thanking my wife and me over and over. They said JoAnna and Hayley were keeping the kids entertained with interactive games like Simon Says and were entirely comfortable leaving their children under their care. It was immediately clear that bringing in sitters was well worth it. 


I was super lucky to get connected with JoAnna and I would recommend her to others. 


Sabrina Loughridge
Honolulu, Hawai'i

I have used Heather’s childcare services for my daughter for over seven years. She is incredibly reliable, responsible, conscientious and compassionate.


Her recent studies concerning children with special needs, have only increased her abilities as an awesome childcare provider.


You can feel safe knowing she is with your kids and they will love her too! 



Julie Crabb
Honolulu, Hawai'i 

Jojo has been nannying for our family for 8 months. She takes care of our keikis, 1.5 and 3 year old, 5 days a week for most of the day and has done a great job!


She is extremely organized and very communicative throughout the day of everything happening at home regarding the kids schedules, naps and activities.


She is warm and loving, which is reflective in how excited the kids are to see her. She is also very helpful with household chores, which is a huge bonus with two working parents.


She has been helping us potty train our son and always has great tips and tricks from her extensive experience with kids. I would highly recommend her services! 


Jessica Scaffidi
Honolulu, Hawai'i 

JoAnna was amazing! I would highly recommend working with her. A good friend of ours got married and hired JoJo for the reception for the kiddos, so the parents could enjoy the wedding without worrying and chasing kiddos around. It was my first time using a babysitter for my 1.5 year old and I was as expected, nervous. Especially about my son going to sleep for someone else.


As soon as I met JoJo I instantly felt better. My son took to her right away and she had such a calming, confident personality. I knew my son was going to be in good hands. She texted me picture updates, which I loved! And as I was about to come back up to help get him to sleep she texted me that he was asleep! She allowed us to have a great time at our friends wedding, be nearby to our son and not have to worry cause he was in such good hands. I would HIGHLY recommend working with JoAnna! Thank you JoJo!


MJ & Jason Gaudette
Honolulu, Hawai'i 

Not only do our kids love JoAnna's fun loving nature we also adore and respect her.  Joanna has worked for us for over 7 years.  She is very responsible, responsive, timely and clean. She knows how to play and interact with our children and at the same time follows our parenting style. As a family living far away from our immediate family she has helped us in many ways from late night family emergencies to house and dog sitting.   We would highly recommend JoAnna to anyone looking for someone to look after your family. 


Oak & Pine Society
Michelle Carmack 
Honolulu, Hawai'i 

We worked with JoAnna and her team for a company event with about 21 kids. As an event planner, we need to be flexible with the changes presented. JoAnna and her team made it easy by helping us walk the kids over to the designated child care center, making sure the kids were safe and accounted for. She even texted the parents directly providing proper instructions to pick up their child. We ended the night with a dance party and some parents went to get their kid to join the fun. But the kids were having so much fun with Jojo they decided to stay. Allowing mom and dad to have a great time with live music! We're excited to work with JoAnna and her team on future events.

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